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Hey, you! Congratulations on your engagement! Am Ceci, a wedding photographer based out of Long Island, NY. I get to take beautiful photographs of beautiful people at the most precious of times! What's not to love?! My style is timeless and refreshingly REAL with a touch of modern photojournalism tossed together to keep things exciting. I believe in love. I believe in getting to know you. And I believe in LOTS of laughing! I am passionate about telling people's wedding stories fully and authentically from a unique artistic perspective. I'm pretty laid back and like to have a good time but the most important part of what I do is making memories and sharing in your joy! Am based out of NY but am available anywhere you'd like to take me! Contact me today so I can hear more about your wedding!

Surprise Proposal Photographer

Posted on June 27, 2016

Recently, I was ask by Nick to shoot his surprise proposal in Long Beach.  Nicole had no ideas what Nick was going to do! He had been planning this for months : ) Nicole and Nick are high school sweetheart and have been dating for over eight years : )

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon during sunset Nicholas told Nicole he was taken her to dinner at a restaurant on the boardwalk in Long Beach.  However, he had other plans in mind before dinner, he was going to propose to Nicole!  It was such an awesome experience to be able to witness the moment they got engage!

Nicole said Yes!  After some quick phone calls to their family and friends, who of course kept the surprise from Nicole, we walk around the boardwalk and on the beach for a mini engagement session. Awww… surprise proposal shoots are always amazing to shoot….I’m always incredible honor when I am asked to shoot one.


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Larkfield Manor Wedding Photography

Posted on May 15, 2016

How pretty is Diana & Jordan’s Beautiful  Larkfield Manor Wedding!



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New York City Wedding

Posted on April 26, 2016

Aalia and Daniel’s New York City wedding was in one word, amazing!  Aalia and Daniel’s treated their family and friend to a cruise of NYC. Aalia started her day by getting ready at the High Line Hotel.  They decided to do a fist look before their ceremony so that we can have more time for pictures.  They really wanted a NYC vibe for their wedding pics and I think we achieved that.  We all walked, talk, laughed and took pictures as we walk to Chelsea Piers were the Atlantica was mourned.

Their beautiful sunset ceremony was amazing and as so happy I go to be a part of it. They danced their first dance with NYC as their backdrop, how awesome is that!??   Aalia and Daniel thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love!

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