I was so excited to photograph Dana & Spencer’s wedding at the Navy Beach Restaurant!  They were married on a beautiful crystal clear day in Montauk, New York. Dana and spencer picked shades of purple with hits of pink and blue to create a beautiful nautical theme to tied it all together with the venue.

Dana and Spencer met in NYC in December of 2009. Spencer had come into the city for a holiday party.  The party happened to be around the corner from her apartment.  Dana was out with some girlfriends, and saw Spencer and his friend and the groups started chatting. They exchange numbers, the next day her friend convince her to text him. They had three dates within the next two weeks and the rest is history!

They planned a trip to Jamaica to celebrate Spencer’s 37th birthday. They arrived at the resort a day before Spencer’s actual birthday, and enjoyed the afternoon with sun and cocktails. That evening, Spencer and Dana went for a walk along the beach and stopped at a bar on the outskirts of the resort for a nightcap. The place was empty, except for one other couple. Spencer and Dana, coincidentally, began to talk about relationships. As she was sharing with Spencer her thoughts around his hesitation to get married, he turned his chair and said, “We need to have a serious conversation about this”. As she continued to babble on, he pressed, “What would I need to do to prove to you that you’re the one I want to be with forever?” With that, he placed a small box on the bar in front of her. She stopped in mid sentence and the tears began to flow as he got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Through the tears and without hesitation, she said “Yes!”

Dana and Spencer decided to a first look, so we headed to Ditch Plains. After the Ceremony on the beach, they headed to their tented reception to party!

Dana & Spencer have such a wonderful sweet connection between each other and I was honor to be there to capture their perfect day!

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