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Am a sucker for love!  The groom’s reaction is a shot that show love at is best!  It is why is one of  the shots that I will always get’s for my couple.  I love  seeing  grooms reactions when they sees their brides for the first time.  It such a tender moment to captured  and a shot all of my bride request.  The emotions are so real, so raw, so pure, it’s something that can’t be stage : )  I love the reactions that shows nothing but guanine love.  I want  give my couple memories that they can share with their kids, their grandkids, memories that are timeless.

I think is just so great to be able to see how much love they have for their beautiful brides.  They are always blown away at seeing how amazing their brides look.  For me it’s awesome being able to capture this!

Below are a few of my favorites reactions from some of my grooms : )

This is Nick’s reaction when he saw Danielle for the first time. They did there first look in one of the gardens at The Fox Hollow. His reaction is priceless!

first look long island wedding photographer

Elizabeth and Luis decided to do a first look, Luis’ reaction is so sweet!

long island wedding photos groom reaction to seeing his bride first look

I really love this picture from Michelle & Kevin’s wedding at The Allegria Hotel because not only can you see Kevin’s reaction but you also see his mom’s reaction!

Long Island wedding photographer

How  big is Scott’s smile after seeing Kara for the first time! I love it : ) Roy was very nervous waiting for Patricia to walk down but as soon as he saw her he was fine!

groom's reactionlong island wedding photographer

Michael’s reaction is just too cute!  He just looks so happy : )

new york wedding photographernew york wedding photoslong island wedding photography

I’m truly honor that am able to provide these images for my couple because to me these are the moments that are meaningful!  These are the moments that matter, the moments that will create memories.

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I shot this fun Astoria Park engagement session in Astoria, Queens.  I’m so happy with the results!  Astoria park has a lot of wonderful spot to shoot at.  We decided to meet in the evening so we can get the best light.  I love shooting an hour before sunset, the light is just so perfect around this time! If you’re considering doing an engagement session try planning it around this hour, the results are worth it!  They were truly great in front of the camera, I had so much fun with them and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

Astoria Park Engagement session16 Astoria Park Engagement session10 Astoria Park Engagement session08 Astoria Park Engagement session09  Astoria Park Engagement session36 Astoria Park Engagement session69Astoria Park Engagement session49 Astoria Park Engagement session53 Astoria Park Engagement session56 Astoria Park Engagement session58 copy

I ask Marisol to whisper something funny in his ear, it must have been something very funny!

West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3956 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3962 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3947 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3927    West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4007 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4003 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4000 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3986 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4058 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4066 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4083 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4127 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4017 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4019 Astoria Park Engagement session397 copy West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3909 Astoria Park Engagement session471 copy West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3883 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_3888 Astoria Park Engagement session296 copyWest Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4127 West Sayville Country Club wedding photosDSC_4083

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One of the things that I enjoy shooting at weddings is the detail shots, to me the small details is what makes each wedding unique for each couple.  I know that when I was planning my wedding I spend a lot of time choosing details that will tie the way I wanted my wedding to feel and look together.   Shooting details also let me be a little more creative, I like to include backgrounds or elements that will  show the overall feel of the wedding. The first thing I shoot when I get to the bride’s getting ready room is the her details.  This usually includes her dress, her shoes, her veil, jewelry, and flowers.

One of my favorite detail shots that I love shooting is the wedding dress. The wedding dress is so important to the bride and I love to make portraits that will showcase the importance of it.

Chrissy got married at The  Montauk Yacht Club, She based her wedding theme around the Lighthouse and I really wanted to include that elements when I shot her dress, so for her dress portrait I made sure to include the lighthouse in the background.

Michelle got married at the Allegria Hotel and I wanted to make sure that her beach theme was included in her dress portraits so I made sure that the beach was visible in her dress shot.

For Marvet’s wedding the hotel she was getting ready had a lot of cool background and I soon as I saw the cool pattern wall I knew that were I wanted to shoot her wedding dress shot.

Wedding dress Long Island Wedding Photographer wedding dress photos


For my ring shots I try to make them unique to the couples, ring shots can be really cool to shoot!

MONTAUK YACHT CLUB WEDDINGDSC_5901detail ring shotsnew york wedding photographer

When it comes to other detail shots, such as shoes, jewelry and flowers I try to stylized them as if am shooting them for a magazine ad.

New York wedding photographerLiberty House Restaurant  Wedding73-6 New york wedding photographer

long island wedding photographer bridal flowersWoodway Country Club Wedding PhotosConnecticut wedding photographerdestination wedding photographerGreece weddingmontauk wedding

I know my brides put a lot of work into making their wedding day perfect down to the last detail and it’s my job to show off her hard work : )

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